Please find below likk to Sage worksheet for „Nonstandard matrix representation of continued fractions”. It contains several definitions and computations which may be usefull if You would like to check or play stuff I described in earlier essays. It is very simple, and selfexplanatory so I will not comment it content here.

If You have account on sagenb,com server – which is free and very simple to obtain – You may use it online to play with it. It is here.

The same worksheet is avialilable in google doc service for download if You have Sage at home… If You prefer that way – it is there. ( there is no view option, You have to download it!)

Stay tuned! I will continue…

UPDATE: I publish another one Sage worksheet with summary and simple comments. If You want to know what I am play with – take it rather than worksheets above. There is also .sws in Google docs ready for download.